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Thank you!

A celebration of Christmas

Dear friends,

As the year draws to a close we are always reminded by our Iris children that they are once again looking forward to celebrating Christmas in our church with the other children. This they do by singing joyful songs of praise, listening intently to the Christmas story, and then sharing a meal and opening presents.

As the time to buy the extra food we would need to prepare this special meal, and to go to a wholesaler and buy toys approached, we did not have the financial means to do this very important shopping.

As we prayed and trusted our God to provide what we needed for this very important celebration we remembered the face of a little boy that received a present at our party last year. It was the first toy he had ever received and in his excitement he forgot about the lunch he was about to share with the others and ran all the way home to show his family what God had given him!

Being reminded in this way of the joy our Christmas parties always bring to our children, we could not bear the thought of our children going home empty handed or with empty tummies from this years party so we continued to pray, trusting our Father to provide as he always does, for this most special of celebrations.

The children were aware that we were trusting God to supply all our needs and prayed along with us.

Friends the Lord is Faithful, a reminder, or a lesson to learn,
is that many times we expect God to give us money to meet our needs but FAVOR speaks louder than money because it is the Language of Heaven which has more power than the Earthly Language.

At the very last moment we received all we needed to give the children the Christmas party they had been looking forward to for so long and we all celebrated with a festive lunch, plenty of presents, and once again we poured our hearts to the Lord in thanksgiving for all He does for us.

He is faithful..and we are so grateful.

We all wish you and your families a blessed and Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017 filled with even more revelation from the Holy Spirit about what a mighty and merciful God we serve.

Antonio and Sandra

A gift of The Word!

Dear friends,

We send our greetings to you, the Lord is good. This weekend we had
an exciting time as one of our friends sent us Bibles for our
community, thank you Lord!

It has been a journey since we started serving the people in this area. and we have spent a lot of time teaching and preaching by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Seeing some in our congregation receiving Bibles has humbled us, and has certainly been and answer to our prayers. The Lord knows the right time for everything! Thank you Lord for your love and faithfulness.

Thank you friends for your prayers.

Love and Blessings
Antonio & Sandra

New school uniforms!

Two of our children were blessed by a sponsor who paid their school fees and bought them new school uniforms. Can you see how delighted they are?

Some photos

We live in a very busy place and people from our church are always popping into to visit us, mostly for a chat, to pray or even share a meal.

here are two photos of a shared meal, and a shared Bible study.

We feel so blessed!

The Ministry of the Word

Hi friends,..

Again we are humble and thankful to the Lord for giving us an
opportunity to meet again and experience His love, joy and peace as we
gathered this last Sunday to worship Him.

The children and the youth sang songs to the Lord, and the women danced and sang.

Sandra shared the Word from Acts 20:32

'And now I entrust you to God and his care and to his wonderful words that are able to build your faith and give you all the inheritance of those who are set apart for himself

Sandra went on to say that when we learn to give ourselves to the Ministry of the Word we will observe that our life changes, our wisdom and confidence increases, because the Word of God has a Ministry and Jesus is the Living Word, He said:

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life. (John 6:63 NIV)

We were amazed of how the Lord reached deep our souls to speak and encouraged us to stay on His Word. Thank you Lord.

Love and Blessings to all

Antonio & Sandra

A long awaited update!

It is sometime since we updated our blog so here is a short summary of what has been happening at Iris in Kenya so far this year.

The Sunday services at out two churches, our prayer nights and ladies groups are almost always marked by the over whelming presence of God and peace and unity flow in abundance.

The children in our congregation continue to prosper. Having a meal provided by Stop for the One after Childrens Church has allowed more children to attend church as they no longer have to spend the day looking for something to eat elsewhere.

Some of the children are orphans or come from families who cannot afford to send them to school so this year many were not able to attend school.

Stop for the One (a part of Iris Ministries) is collecting money to help them pay their school fees in 2017. If you would like to help us send all the children to school next year, please go to our Stop for the One Village Empowerment page and and make a donation. Any amount will be highly appreciated and make the world of difference in some little persons life.

The link to our Stop for the One page is


On a personal note, our children continue to prosper with Tede still studying in Maputo, Mozambique, Salito and Emmanuel attending boarding schools, and our youngest, David, has started preschool.

We always appreciate your prayers and support and ask you to continue praying for us.

Antonio and Sandra

We are excited!!!

We are so excited! The number of children attending our church has doubled since we started supplying healthy lunches for them.

Our grateful thanks to all the people who donated money to us via Stop for the One to make this possible.

Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’

(Matthew 25:40)


Growing a church

Our church is growing!

Three weeks ago we decided to go on outreach to a nearby village and to go door to door as a Church to share the Gospel with the people living there.

Before going we met at our church to pray for the outreach, and then divided ourselves into groups before travelling to the village.

It was a truly blessed time and many received the news of the sacrifice Jesus had made in order for them to be forgiven of their sins and reconciled to God with joy. They promised to start attending church.

When our groups had finished doing outreach we returned to the church and thanked God for the privilege of being part of what
He is doing.

This last week we went back again to visit some of the
families in the village and they promised to come to our church this Sunday.

We are overjoyed and look forward to welcoming them into our family.

Our blessings to you and your families,

Antonio and Sandra

Busy days..

We greet you from a very hot and humid Iris base here in Kenya,

We have been very busy in the last few weeks with the highlight being the baptism of 19 of our church members. It was a very joyful, meaningful time that we all remember for a long time.

Sandra took our youngest church members, and their mothers, to the local clinic for a health check recently. and this resulted in many of the little ones being treated for worms and/or chiggers (a small flea that embeds itself in the foot of anyone walking bare foot. The result can be unbearable pain and itching)

We are planning to do an outreach to teach mothers how to remove these small fleas from their childrens feet. We are hoping to prevent a re occurance of chiggers by giving each child a pair of sandals to wear to protect their feet.

Eleven of our babies were found to be underweight and sickly, and we are researching, with the help of a nurse from another Iris base, the best, and most affordable way to supplement these childrens food intake.

Please pray for these two needs to be met as we want our children to be healthy and disease free.

Attached is a photo of the group that was baptised along with a photo of one year old Neema who is one of our underweight little ones needing extra food.

If you need any more information about what we are doing, please contact us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com.

Bless you,

Antonio and Sandra

Stop for the One

We are so excited!

We have childrens church on Saturdays. Unfortunately many of our children only receive one meal a day at home so they often had to miss church in order to go and find food to fill their empty tummys elsewhere. As their pastors, this was very difficult for us to see.

This time of sadness came to an end a few months ago when Stop for the One started sending us money to feed our children on Saturdays. They now know that if they come to church they will be able to spend time in praise and worship, do a Bible Study and play together without worrying about where their next meal will come from because a fresh, hot meal cooked with love awaits them.

(Last Saturday we had "sima", a delicious soup made with beans, onions, carrots, garlic, green peppers and cabbage. We organized the children into groups by age and joined tables together for them so that they could eat together.)

We now see new little faces arriving at church every week who are not coming just for a meal, but for a Bible story and games as well. Their parents are also starting to come to church on Sundays as they see that the love of Jesus really does look like something.

We give thanks to the Lord for giving us these children to minister to, and say thank you to all who donate to Stop for the One. You have made this possible, and we, and our children, are so grateful!

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Proverbs 19:17(NIV)

May the Lord bless you for caring,

Antonio and Sandra

5 Days in the life of a rural church

This last week was really busy here at Iris Kenya.

Every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, Antonio taught the new believers about Baptism. It was wonderful to see how the people responded to this teaching, and approximately 20 people will be baptised soon.

I (Sandra) spent Thursday afternoon doing a Bible Study with the ladies of the church and, as usual, sharing the Scriptures brought not only new revelation, but joy and peace to our hearts.

On Friday we had a Night of Prayers, and could so clearly see the truth of what Jesus said in Luke 18:16 when He called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these".

Antonio led the prayers and when I arrived at 10 pm, the people were praying quietly. All of a sudden we heard the sounds of children singing in the distance! We looked out of the windows and saw the children, who are part of our congregation, walking along the moonlit pathway, through the bushes, towards the building where we were, and they were all singing!

As they entered the building there was a great sense of excitement among them and, to our amazement, they started spontaneously praising God and dancing!

We decided the adults should join in the praise and worship and the sounds of a dedicated people praising our Saviour filled the still night air. Afterwards we let the children carry on dancing and singing to the Lord, which they did with great joy.

We then shared the Word on 2 King 21:1-12 and 18-22 which is basically for us parents to be responsible for teaching the ways of the Lord to our children. We need to be an example to them and as they see us following the Lord, seeking Him and worshiping Him, they will do the same, unlike Amon, son of King Manasseh, that we read about in 2 Kings 21:20 who followed in his fathers footsteps and did evil.

At 2am we stopped for tea, and at 3am started praying again.

Before long we were all filled with joy again and once more we started dancing! I cant explain why, but it felt like a great celebration

At 4 am we thanked God for the night and those who lived closeby went home. All the children decided to stay and slept wherever they felt comfortable.

Thank you Jesus for the amazing night and a productive week serving you!

With our love and blessings,


Good news all round!

Good day,

We have had an answer to our prayers and Mama Rose has been offered a job in the town where we live. She starts work next January so we are now praying for a job to keep her going between now and the end of the year.

We have also managed to procure sponsorship to finance feeding all the children that come to church on a Saturday and we are delighted. We will be experimenting with different ingredients to see what we can make to replace the standard meals of rice and beans for the children as these ingredients are heavy to carry and take a long time to cook.

Our chicken population continues to grow rapidly so maybe chicken and vegetable stew with chapatis will make a good replacement meal.

More good news is that we now have an architect working with our coordinator, Jill, to draw up plans for a building for a church we planted under a tree some time ago. Numbers in the congregation have increased over the last year and we believe if we had a suitable building, the church would grow even faster. (Having a roof over our heads in the rainy season and when its very hot would be very welcome.)

We have settled into our new home, only to find that it is in an area that experiences power outages! We have now been without electricity and all its benefits, like a stove, fridge and computer that works, for days.

Thank you for praying for us,

Bless you,

Antonio and Sandra.

Our news in brief

We have moved house..and, with all that is going on in the ministry, what a long, drawn out performance that was.... and most of the time it was done in pouring rain!

Our biggest problem was building suitable accommodation, and then moving our flock of fast multiplying chickens that have evolved from the few that we kept in the garden of our previous home.

Our youth group continues to grow in the Lord, and in number, and last Saturday we all went to the beach together to play games and have a chicken feast. It was great fun and the chicken Sandra had prepared was enjoyed by all.

As a congregation we have started marching around the perimeter of our land on Sundays, praying and anointing the fences and building as we go, and it has had a remarkably positive effect on our congregation and ministry.

Our youngest child, David, was unwell for a time, having inexplicable pains in his legs. Fortunately a doctor in Mombasa diagnosed the problem and now, after taking medication for just one week, David is his usual energetic self, and is enjoying running around exploring our new home and property.

Our biggest need at the moment is to move Mama Rose from Mombasa to where we are now as she plays a vital part in our ministry. However, she will need a sponsor or a job when she gets here to enable her to send her children to school and pay her rent. Please pray for God to provide for all her needs.

If you would like more information about us, or what we are doing, please contact our coordinator, Jill, on jillh@irisglobal.org.

Bless you, and thanks for reading our update!

Antonio and Sandra

April Youth meeting

We thank the Lord that He gave us the vision to meet with our youth, not only to teach them the Word of God but to encourage them to reach out in faith to those who have not yet received the Lord Jesus as their Personal Savior.

This meeting was held in our home on 4th April 2015 and we are really thankful the young people responded positively to our invitation to attend. Seventeen of them arrived on Saturday morning, all eager to receive what the Lord had for them and to be renewed and refreshed by His Presence.

Antonio did the introduction, encouraging the Youth to develop a vision for their lives and then to live accordingly. He told them that they were a new generation whose objective should be to fear the Lord, and make it known that Jesus is the one and only Savior in this world.

Mama Rose was our first speaker. She is the leader of the women in our Churches but she stays in Mombasa so she had to come a day before to spend time with us to pray for the young people. She taught them how to deal with curses in their family line and to release a new generation of people who are walking in the blessings of Christ Jesus.

They understood what Mama Rose was saying to them and found the subject interesting. She then taught them how to pray to break curses off themselves and to release Gods blessings into both their own lives, as well as others in their generation.

We then had a second speaker called John. He is the son of one of our leaders, Alphonce. He taught the youth about Salvation, and how to understand its deeper meaning.

The young people then had a break and really enjoyed themselves playing games before sitting down to a delicious chicken, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and onion stew served with rice.

Pastor Alphonce then taught them about the effects of good and bad influences in our lives. This was an interesting topic and one of the Scripture used was in I Corinthians 15:33 ..."bad company corrupts good character"

The day ended with promises to hold another Youth day soon.

As always, thank you for praying for us. We can feel the difference these prayers make, and see the results they have.

Blessings to you and your family from us and our family,

Antonio and Sandra

We visit another Iris church

Our dear friends,

Thank you for praying for us.

Last month we went to a church we planted some time back to encourage the Church in the Lord and it was wonderful to see that, although our churches are far apart, we all belong to One Body which is Christ Jesus our Lord.

We were encouraged to see how much faith our brothers and sisters there have in the Lord, in fact we had people sharing their testimonies and one touching story was from a man who has been very sick for more than a year. He remained trusting in the Lord to heal him even though he had become so ill he could not eat and became so thin that everyone thought he would die.

However, God had other plans and this man was healed and is now going from church to church preaching the good news that God does heal!

Last Saturday (11 of April 2015), we went to this church again to meet the women and encourage each one to stand in prayer because the times are evil and there is so much that is bad going on in our Nation. Even our families and children are being affected by this evil and we need to hold onto the promises God has given us so that we can find the faith, strength and joy we need.

Unfortunately we did not have all the women from the congregation at the meeting because a baby had passed away in a house just next to our church and many of the women are neighbors so went to offer their condolences to the family. The village where our church is has been bound by witchcraft in the past and many strange things have happened in the area, but we thank God that the Gospel has penetrated there and the darkness is fading away.

Those of us who did attend the meeting, had a really wonderful time. I shared my vision of us coming together as women and going deep, releasing our hearts to Him who Saves us because it is there we will find rest.

Mama Anne taught on how to be an intercessor, starting in our own homes, and then in the church and then in the Nations. It was really a wonderful time.

At the end of the meeting the women were so excited that they asked us to have our next meeting in their church in just a few weeks time. and they want us to include the opportunity for them to fast and pray together through the night.

We thank God for blessing our meeting, for His protection and Presence, and for answered prayer.

(Unfortunately I realized I did not have our camera with us when we had already reached the church, but hope to post photos after the next meeting.)

God bless you,

Antonio and Sandra

Stop for the One

Here is the link to the Stop for the One website for anyone wanting to know more about this part of Iris Global, or wanting to sponsor a child


We visit our church with no walls

This past Saturday (28/2) we spent the day with the women and children at one of our rural churches, and even though we have no building, and all our meetings are held under a tree, the Lord once again blessed us with His presence.

Here is how our day unfolded...

I left the house at 11 am and went to meet the ladies at the Church who were waiting for me as I had to first do some shopping for tea, milk and biscuits for us to share with the ladies at the church we were going to.

When I reached our Church, we prayed and started our journey. We hired a tuku tuku. Tuku tuku is a transport used in Kenya and is more private than a taxi. After half an hour we reached the church even though the road is really rough.

We found many women and children waiting under the tree where the church meetings are held.

We were all excited to meet one another and after a time of sharing, we started our service. The wife of Pastor Dida, who over sees the church, lead our praise and worship. We sang and danced for the Lord then we worshiped.

Later on each one stood to share a testimony. It was really beautiful to see and know how the Lord works in each one of us. The Lord is One, His Spirit is One, we all serve the same God!

I then shared our testimony about how we came to Kenya from Mozambique, and what the Lord is doing through our Faith in Him. Because He is alive, our faith in Him is not in vain, He is our Rock, our Strength, our Savior and our Life.

I then shared on Hebrews 2:1-4 (The text is below). After this we prayed together thanking the Father for saving our souls. Our joy was so strong as we embraced one another in love and we all felt refreshed and encouraged.

Lastly we had our milk and tea and delicious biscuits.

We would like to thank all those that pray for us and who support our work financially. Without you we would not be able to do this kind of outreach.

With love and blessings,


Hebrews 2:1-4 (NIV)

2 We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. 2 For since the message spoken through angels was binding, and every violation and disobedience received its just punishment, 3 how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation?This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him.4 God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will.

Time for a new video!

Here is one of the few videos we have of our church family on a Sunday morning


and we are praying God will send along someone who can make a new video for us.

If you know of someone in the Mombasa area prepared to do this please contact Jill, our co ordinator, on jillh@irisglobal.org

Thank you so much,

Love and blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

Our first youth meeting in 2015

It has been on our heart for some time to hold regular meetings for the youth in our church. After a time of fasting and praying we decided to have a meeting for our young people every first week of the month. We want to teach them the Biblical principles that will help them be strong in their faith and to make the right decisions in their life.

Last Saturday myself, some of our senior ladies, along with our youth, had our first meeting. We started by singing praise to God, and then we prayed together.

I stood to thank God for bringing us together on such a special and beautiful day in order to strengthen us in our faith, and guide us in His Word. I also shared how much we love our young people and how we, as Mamas in their church, would love to see them be open with us and share the things that are troubling them.

Afterwards I asked Mama Annie to share about the challenges they are facing whilst I and one of the other women went to prepare lunch for them. We cooked chicken with green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, garlic and onions (much of it from our own garden!). It took us a while to finish cooking because we do not have a kitchen and so have to cook over a wood fire outside. The wind was strong and it was difficult to keep the fire hot enough to cook on.

After thoroughly enjoying our rather late lunch and a time to fellowship, there was no time for any further teaching and we hope that next time we will manage to get the lunch cooked on time so that our program runs more smoothly!

At our next meeting, on the 2nd of March, we plan to invite our youth plus young people who are not yet saved. Please join in agreement with us as we pray for a great harvest.

Thank you for your love and kindness,


Prayer request.

Dear friends,

Our home base, Iris Global in Pemba, is experiencing great hardship because of the current flooding and we would really appreciate it if you would stand in prayer with us for them.

Some roads between Maputo and Pemba have been washed away and food and gas to cook it on can only be transported to Iris with great difficulty. There is also no electricity or running water.

There are children to feed, a hospital to run, and many other services that Iris supplies to the local population that will have been adversely affected by the current situation.

Please pray that the rain stops, that the roads are repaired quickly, and that the water and electricity supply are restored so that the base can get back to operating normally as soon as possible.

Thank you, and God bless you,

Antonio and Sandra

A time of hope, and of devastation

We hope that 2015 is already becoming a year filled with blessings for you, and that as you draw closer to the Father, He will show you the desires of His heart for your life, desires that will give you a future filled with hope.

Most of January has been spent doing our normal ministry, but we have also spent time in prayer asking God to give us a vision for Iris Kenya for this year, and for the years to come. We have written down the vision and are now busy working with a builder who will cost the buildings we need to build (Our growing Dere church still does not have a building to meet in!).

We have also been praying for enough funds to be able us to buy uniforms so that we can send some of our church children to school (Uniforms are compulsory and without one a child is not allowed to attend school!)

Like so many, we have spent time praying for the victims of the very serious flooding happening now in Mozambique and Malawi where many have lost their lives. The idea of yet more families mourning the loss of loved ones, their homes destroyed and their crops washed away is heartbreaking.

Iris teams are on the ground helping where they can, and here is the latest update from Heidi Baker, one of the co founders of Iris Global


If you can help, please do.

May God bless you abundantly

Antonio and Sandra.

Happy New Year!

A Happy New year from all of us at Iris Kenya!

We trust that our ever faithful God will speak clearly to you as you spend time in His presence this year, and that He will give you the desires of your heart.

We are so grateful for those of you who have partnered with us in the last year, who have prayed for us, encouraged us and helped us finance the vision God has given us. You have been a great blessing to us, and to those we have been sent to show the love of God to..

We have some very good news in the making here, so please join with us as we pray and watch God working what the enemy meant for evil, into something good.

Praying for peace, hope and abundant joy for us all,

Antonio and Sandra

A Christmas message..

We pray that you are having a wonderful Christmas Day, wherever you are.

Here is a Christmas message, and a word for 2015, from Heidi Baker, and her husband Rolland, the much loved co founders of Iris Ministries.


Our love and blessings to you and your families,

Antonio and Sandra and our children Tede, Salito, Emmanuel and David.

Gifts, Christmas lunch and good company!

Our hearts were so broken, we had many children attending the Bible study on Saturdays and their faces were saying to us: " We need a special Christmas full of gifts", and this has been in our heart, crying and asking the Lord to please provide enough food, toys and a beautiful day full of gifts and joy. We did not have any idea how God would provide but the Lord heard our cry and right at the last minute, 2 days before we wanted to hold the Christmas lunch, our prayer was answered and we Praise to the Lord!

Antonio rushed to Mombasa on Friday to buy the gifts and Sandra went to the local supermarket to buy food.

We had a beautiful Christmas celebration and Pastor Mike and his wife who are visiting Kenya from England, were able to be with us.

The children were so excited to receive gifts and have a nice meal. We had a wonderful time of praise & worship and the graduation ceremony for some of the children because they had completed the Samaritan Purse Bible lessons.(one Child,one gift and one Jesus).

Lunch followed the graduation ceremony and almost all the children ate a nice meal of rice, chicken meat mixed with beans, carrots and tomatoes.

However, some children did not wait for the food. They went running home, eager to show their parents and friends the presents they had received.

We are grateful to God for bringing Mike and his wife to share our Christmas celebration with us. They helped us hand out the gifts to our children and we really enjoyed meeting and talking to them. They are wonderful people and we pray God that you will bless them.

We wish you a joyful, peaceful Christmas.

We feel so blessed and encouraged to continue in the work God entrusted us and trust you feel the same.

Antonio and Sandra

A new door opens!

We have finally got permission to start ministering in our local hospital and start the first of our weekly visits tomorrow (18th).

We will have a limited amount of time in the hospital so please pray that the the Holy Spirit will guide us to those whose hearts God has been preparing to hear the Good News we have been longing to tell them.

We will be sure to let you know what happens!

Be blessed,

Antonio and Sandra

Progress in the vegetable patch!

We are happy to announce that after kind friends donated enough money for us to put in a simple irrigation scheme, we now have the great blessing of being able to grow fresh vegetables !

This may seem a simple thing for many, but with the intense heat we experience in summer here we have not been able to grow vegetables on the land surrounding our church which, given the hunger experienced by so many in the area, has made us very sad.

Fortunately, since we have been able to get water to the land through our new irrigation system, we have trialed onions, tomatoes, various leafy green vegetables and watermelons, and all were successful. We are now preparing the rest of the irrigated land to begin planting other crops which we will use to feed the many hungry people in our area.

We are also hoping to find someone to come and teach the local people how to grow vegetables, using our land as their classroom.

If you know of anyone who would like to join us for a season to work and teach in our gardens, please contact Jill, our coordinator, on jillh@irisglobal.org and she will give you any details you may need.

We hope that your heart is filled with peace and joy as we all prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

Antonio and Sandra

We have three new grandmothers!

Last Wednesday we really had a very special day.

It started a few days earlier when I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to buy small gifts for three of the older ladies in the church.

I did this, and when I went to deliver them, found only one of the ladies at home.

A few hours later this lady came to our home saying all three ladies wanted to come and visit us.

We agreed that they should come last Wednesday and when they arrived they had a bag of rice, a sack of coconuts and two live chickens as presents for us.

This was indeed a special occasion and Antonio and I were very excited when we saw them!

I ran to a nearby shop to buy chicken so that we could share a meal. I then poured us each a cold drink and we settled down on the veranda to talk.

They asked why we had given them gifts and I explained that our own families lived very far away from us, in Mozambique, but when we come together in the church, as His Body, we each have a role to play, as grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters to each other, whether we are blood relatives or not.

I then quoted the verses from John 19:26,27 where it says

When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

Antonio then joined us and, to my surprise, told them exactly the same thing!

They then told us how grateful they were that God has given them people who really love and care for them. One woman explained how she had never been married or had a child of her own, and when she felt God joining her together with us, as a family, she was so excited she had to come and tell us! We, in turn, are very grateful to God to be able to be a blessing to people like these three dear ladies.

We finished the day by sharing the meal I had cooked of typical Kenyan food, chicken and chapati ( made with flour, salt and hot water then cooked over a fire)

In the photo I have attached, I am seated on the right next to Rebecca, the lady with a white shirt and head scarf. Next to her is Lilian, then Mama Salama, and then Mama Paris, the lady from Northern Kenya studying to become a pastor with Iris Kenya.

I am sure you will be hearing more about our three new grandmothers!

With blessings from us all,



A time of fasting and praying

This past week, we as a Church, had a week of fasting and praying which culminated with a prayer meeting in our church on Friday night.

The children were the first to make their way along the well worn paths as the sun set, and were soon followed by the adults.

We had a wonderful time of Praise and Worship. It was so beautiful to see all the congregation celebrating the Presence of the Lord with such joyful hearts.

We prayed for the needs of our Church asking the Lord to touch more people in the surrounding villages so that they would come to Salvation. We also prayed against the domination of the villages by witchcraft, substance abuse etc.

After we finished praying for our needs we switched on the generator which powers our equipment, and showed the Jesus Film to an enraptured audience.

In our last post we told you about the lady who gave her life to the Lord and then died. During the time we spent in her home ministering to the family, we noticed the high number of people living near by that are very heavy drinkers. We spoke to many of them about our Lord and Savior and believe there was a seed planted in each one because the Holy Spirit was there and the Bible tell us that His Word never comes back without accomplishing His task.

Next week we will once more go into the villages with people from our congregation to spread the Good News of the Gospel, the love of Jesus and pray for the sick and hurting.

We consider it a privilege to do this work and once again thank you for your love, encouragement and prayers. We feel very blessed.

Antonio and Sandra

A faithful servant goes home.

Two and a half weeks ago, whilst on an outreach to one of the villages, I led an old lady, one of our church members, to the Lord. When the lady died 5 days later, we found out she was over 100 years old.

For 2 weeks now, we have stopped doing outreach work in order to spend time focused on comforting and ministering to those who are in pain because of her passing.

Last Saturday the entire congregation went to her village to attend her funeral.

After Alphonce had opened in prayer, and the congregation had worshiped, Antonio preached from Revelation 22 where the Lord says He will come back and reward all people according to their deeds.

Antonio said the woman who passed away was one of the first members in the Church and, `although she was over 100 years old, she never missed Church, unless she was sick. She dedicated her life to serving the Lord and now she is with the Lord.

Antonio asked what about me and you? Will we finish well? Will the Lord reward us?

It is up to us to seek the Lord and walk on His ways while we still have time and, for those who have not received the Lord Jesus as their Personal Savior, this is the time to do it. Accept the forgiveness Jesus purchased for you by dying on the cross. It is a free gift from God.

After the preaching we all prayed for the family.

Today, Sunday, we had a wonderful time of worship at church.

Praying God richest blessings on you,


A bus ride that changed a life.

Yesterday, I went to Mombasa and, on the bus coming home, I sat next to a boy who is 12 or 13 years old. I shared my packet of ground nuts with him and we started talking.

I asked the boy about Jesus and he told me he was not a Christian, and that he and his parents are Moslim.

I started sharing how sin came into the World and how satan entered into the lives of Adam and Eve and then sin spread throughout the world. I told him that, because the Lord loves us so much, He could not allow us to die in sin, so He sent a Savior called Jesus to pay the price for our sins, and that whoever believes in Him will live forever.

I kept telling him about God and Jesus and the boy was so interested and listened very carefully. I told him God does not force us to get saved, He only shows us that the way to avoid dying in sin is by making the decision which will lead to everlasting Life.

I then told him that I had chosen life by choosing to accept Jesus as my Saviour, and asked him what decision he would make. He said he would also choose the way that would lead to ever lasting life.

I told him I know that as a child it may be difficult to tell his parents he got saved, so I advised him to pray in his heart for his own Salvation then pray for his Parents. He does not need to show them otherwise he will be in trouble.

The boy was so excited and when I reached my bus stop he waved good bye. He was very happy. His name is Hamiss.

I thank God for every opportunity the Lord gives me to share the Gospel with other people, in markets, at the bus stations, in houses and hospitals. It is a privilege and it makes my heart happy.



Work permits!

To those who regularly pray, and give so generously, to help us fulfill Gods will for Iris Ministries in this country, we would like to tell you that our work permits have been renewed!

We are so happy...and incredibly thankful!

Antonio and Sandra

Iris daughters!

A message from Heidi Baker. Enjoy !


Three ladies on our hearts today.

Much news..some good, some bad..

Yesterday a lady from north west Kenya came to work alongside us, and plans on opening an Iris church in her home town once she has finished her basic training.

She is on outreach today with Sandra and the ladies from the church so we hope she has an interesting and fruitful day.

Our newest treasure is an 11 year old young lady, Thamani, who came to us after spending most of her life living on the streets. She is so keen to learn, and after an exciting time shopping for her uniform and the necessary books, she went to school today for the first time!

The bad news is that the home of Mama Rose, the head of our womens ministry, was partially destroyed by fire last week. She shares this home with 6 children whom she is raising alone.

Please pray for these three ladies, that they would feel Gods presence near them, and His love surrounding them as they face their individual challenges in the days ahead.

Thank you.

Blessings from us both,

Sandra and Antonio

At last! Vegetable gardens!

We are very happy!

We have recently been given enough money to help us install the equipment needed to irrigate our fields!

This will allow us to grow the vegetables we need to feed the 150 - 200 needy children that attend our childrens church every Saturday.

We say asanti and thank you to our friends. We are SO grateful, as are the children!

Bless you,

Antonio and Sandra.

Iris Pemba Update No. 4

Here is a great new up date from our base in Pemba, Mozambique. Enjoy!


Village outreaches.

On Thursday, 4th September, I, accompanied by some of the ladies from our church, went on our first outreach to a nearby village. As we spread the Gospel from house to house, we were overjoyed to feel a strong presence of the Holy Spirit with us.

Last Thursday(11th) was the second time I had planed to take the ladies group on outreach in a nearby small village and was a little dismayed when no one arrived because they all had to go to the home of someone who had died (A village tradition here)

After discussing this unexpected turn of events with Antonio it was decided that I should go to the church and pray. I was surprised when I arrived because there were already four ladies there praying, and a fifth one joined us shortly afterwards.

We decided to go on outreach and, at the suggestion of one of the ladies, the first stop should be at the home of two very poor ladies. Before we left I prayed and asked the Lord to give us His words to say to the two ladies because without His words touching our hearts, we have little to say which is of any value.

One of the ladies, who is already a committed Christian, had a large and painful swelling on her stomach but she could not afford to go to hospital to have it treated. We have been praying for her healing in church and we were grateful to see when we arrived that the pain had gone and the swelling had subsided.

I kept praying and praying because nothing was planned but when I started sharing the Lord took control and I spoke things that I did not know.

Afterwards I prayed for her sister who is known as the Mother Furaha. She became so excited as I shared my testimony and then told her how we had not planned to visit her house, but that God had led us there.

She kneeled down and we prayed together as she received Jesus as her Personal Saviour. When we left both ladies were so happy and told us that the next day they would bring their whole family to church.

For those that pray for us, thank you so much for your prayers. The enemy tried to stop us and stop Mama Furaha from receiving Jesus but, because you prayed for us, this happened and the Presence of the Lord was so strong.

I really love it when He comes and does His Will because we alone can do nothing without Him, but when He comes He pours His Love, His Mercy, His Compassion and His Spirit out and I love this so much!

Bless you


We miss our computer :-(

If you have been following us on this blog you will know that several of our treasured belongings, like our computer, were stolen from us at gunpoint a few months ago.

Kind friends have lent us their old computers, but they keep breaking down. This is seriously affecting our ministry and our ability to communicate with the outside world.

Please pray with us that our faithful God will replace our stolen computer with a new, fit-for-purpose computer which will allow us to get on with what He has called us to do without having to plan a daily, time consuming trip to the internet cafe.


Music to soak by!

If you loved the music on the Iris Pemba update..its available from the Iris Global store :


Iris Pemba update part 3

The latest Iris Pemba update featuring the hospital, school, sewing room and lovely new library!


Moving on!

We have finally moved into a comfortable 3 bedroom house with room enough for prayer meetings, a garden for the children to play in, and a high security wall.

The first prayer meetings will be held with the intercessory prayer group from our nearby church within the next few days, and we thank God for making this facility available to us.

A very sweet spirit of praise has been resting on our congregation lately with times of praise extending well into the afternoon, and healings being reported during these times

We thank those of you who are partnering with us in prayer. We have turned a corner, and by the grace of God we are moving on!

Antonio and Sandra

The ministry of Jesus

Trying to do the Lord’s work in your own strength is the most confusing, exhausting, and tedious of all work. But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then the ministry of Jesus just flows out of you. ~Corrie Ten Boom~

Stopping for the one is so simple..

This is a video update from our Mama Heidi in Pemba.

We have people in similar circumstances to the ones she reaches out to in Pemba, and like her, we greatly appreciate any act of love you share with those we love here in Kenya, especially our widows and orphans.

With love,

Antonio and Sandra



Our prayers are working! Peace reigns, we are safe, and feel safe, and we are all healthy! Thank you Jesus..and thank you for praying for us!

We are still settling in, praying for a suitable home, settling the children in new schools, and getting used to silence! (We can see now that it was only by the grace of God we survived living in an area with a high air pollution level and extremely noisy neighbors who never seemed to sleep!)

We are also able to spend far more time in our church and with members of our congregation than we did when we lived in Mombasa. We are all enjoying strengthening our relationships with each other, making plans and settling in to new routines.

Here is the latest video update from Iris Global in Pemba


Many blessings to you

Antonio and Sandra

On the move..


God has made a way for us to leave Mombasa and move to what we hope will be a safer area.

We have also exchanged our flat dwelling lifestyle for one where we now live in a house surrounded by grass and trees as far as the eye can see. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and so peaceful!

We wake up every morning to the sound of bird song and, as we step outside, we praise God for moving us to this green and pleasant place!

We are near one of our churches, and another is not too far away. We have been offered a piece of land at a very reasonable price in another village, in the same county, on which to build a third church, and we are very excited!

For those that have been praying for us, thank you! We are so grateful.

We would ask that you continue praying for us and our congregations as the violence and tension in Kenya increases.

Thank you, and may God bless you,

Antonio and Sandra

Stop for the one..

Check out our latest Stop for the One Video.... Join the movement of radical lovers and Stop for the One:)


Thank you for your prayers, David is much better. (He turned two last Saturday :-))

Antonio and Sandra Miambo are on the move! An update coming soon!

Bless you!

Malaria strikes again

One of our church members two year old child died of malaria this morning.

We spent most of last night in hospital with our nearly two year old son because he also has malaria.

He still has a high temperature, is very sleepy, cant breath very well, and is not eating.

Please pray for us all.

Thank you,

Antonio and Sandra

A update..of sorts

We still do not have a replacement for our stolen computer so please excuse our lack of news.

The security situation in Mombasa continues to worsen and we are now finding we have to curtail our normal daily activities and stay off the streets, out of the markets, taxis, shops etc as much as possible.

God is, however, closing some doors and opening others for us personally, as well as Iris Kenya, and when we can write a comprehensive update for you, we will.

Please continue praying for us, and our health and safety. Thank you

Blessings to you,

Antonio and Sandra.

PS. We cannot put a list of those working on the Iris Kenya team up on the Iris Global website for security reasons, but please note we have no one called James working for us.

If you have any concerns over any one else claiming to work for Iris Kenya, please contact us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com

Please be careful

As God once more leads us into His peace and joy, we have to sadly tell you that the person who stole our computer has been sending requests for money from our salito4j@yahoo.com email address.

We are not marooned in Turkey in need of $2800 as their email suggests, but at home in Kenya. Please ignore their emails, or report them as spam.

If you need to contact us, or would like to send us an encouraging verse or word, please do so on iris.in.kenya1@gmail.com.

We greatly appreciate your continued prayers for our safety as the situation in Mombasa is still very volatile.

Thank you, as always,

Antonio and Sandra

Peace & joy is restored..but plse keep praying!

As you know, there have been several bombs and bomb threats in Mombasa, where we live. Christians seem to be the main targets, and despite the police and army being alert and quick to eradicate any threat, people are understandably nervous and insecure. The atmosphere on the streets is tense.

We very nearly became victims of the violence ourselves last Sunday night when two armed men entered our home, said someone had sent them to kill us, and then left after stealing our belongings. Although we miss our computer, phone and camera, we are so grateful to God for protecting us, and our children, from any harm.

As God continues to restore our peace and joy, we pray for the perpetrators and trust that He will bring them to justice and salvation.

May we ask you to pray for our continued protection as we continue doing what God has called us to do here?

Thank you,

Antonio and Sandra.

Some good news..and bad..

The good news is that the dreams and visions God has given us are slowly coming to pass, and we are so excited!

The work on the building where we will be providing a home for babies and toddlers in need of love and care, is progressing well. (This building will also be used as a preschool facility during the day to look after little people whose mother's want to go out to work.)

We have also started to clear land on which to establish a few small (semi) self help projects in order to employ those needing jobs in the area. Some of the proceeds from selling what is produced will go towards buying the food, clothes etc the babies need, and to pay local women to look after them.

As usual, we watch with grateful hearts as God, whose idea this all is, takes charge and moves in His people to help us turn the dreams He gives us into a reality.

The bad news is that we have just had our computer, phone and camera stolen. Please pray for us, and either the return or replacement of this much needed equipment. Without it we feel a little lost!

(The best way to contact us at the moment is on iris.in.kenya1@gmail.com)

Many blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

We expected, and got, miracles!

One of Iris Ministries core value is this :

'We are totally dependent on Him (God) for everything, and we need and expect miracles of all kinds to sustain us and confirm the Gospel in our ministry'

As we have listened to God in the last few years, He has put many new desires in our hearts. We have fasted and prayed, trusting that He will perform miracles for us, and do as He said He would do in Psalm 37:4, and give us the desires He has placed in our hearts. We are now starting to see the things we have been praying for become a reality, and we are so thankful, and excited!


Eighteen months ago God told us to change our current church building into a day care centre where we can look after the small children of local working mothers, and a children's home for the neediest of the little ones who live near the church, many of whom are orphans.

We had no money of our own, but over the next few months, as we have prayed and believed, we have seen God supply the finances to fix the roof, lay the floor, plaster the walls and build the toilet and wash room facilities. Two days ago we received the money we need to have electricity and an adequate water supply installed in the building.

We have also received enough money to buy beds for the children who will be staying with us, and expect to be able to offer a loving home to them within the next few months.


This is another place where we have seen God produce the miracle we needed in order to do the ministry He has given us to

We planted a new church there a few months ago but have had to hold our services under a tree in a field on the outskirts of the town because we could not find a suitable facility to hold our services in. Unfortunately we did not have the money to build our own either.

As the rainy season approached, we had to face the very real threat of having to close the church until the end of the season, and then, as the first rains fell, God provided the miracle we needed to keep the church going! Through one of His faithful servants He gave us enough money to put a large deposit on a piece of ground and build a simple but adequate church. Hopefully, we are soon going to be able to gather together to pray and hold our regular services, regardless of the weather!

Needless to say we are overwhelmingly grateful for God's provision, for those that have been praying for us, and for the obedient people He has used to answer our prayers. We are now praying for the work that needs to be done in both Mtondia and Dere, to be completed as soon as possible.

Our faithful God has provided miracles of all kinds to sustain us and confirm the Gospel in our ministry, and we give Him all the Glory!

With love and blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

PS. If you would like to know more about our ministry please contact us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com

Please pray with us..

From Iris Ministries co founder, Heidi Baker in Pemba, Mozambique


For all those affected by this flooding and the surrounding villages under water

For the IRIS Relief team as we feed, pray, and care for those living at our temporary relief shelters

Food and shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed
Houses for our workers and volunteers

Land Cruiser trucks with snorkels to reach the flooded zones

Materials for repairing other damages from the floods

About how you can respond to this crisis


Thank you,

Antonio and Sandra

Floods in Mozambique

We are sure many of you have read about the devastating floods which have hit Mozambique in the last few days. Many people have lost their lives, and others have lost everything they own. This is Mama Heidi Baker's note to us about this unfolding tragedy :

'It is time to cry out to the Lord. I feel God is bringing revival out of these floods. In tragedy it is the churches time to shine.

We are here to show love to people. God hears our cries for help.

He hears, sees, and is moving forward. Our God is a living God. In the middle of tragedy, He is here. How will He show His love? Where are the hands that Jesus can use? When we lift our hands to the Lord, He will meet us with His love, power, and presence. We are the hands of the Lord extended to this land.

Each one of us can hold the broken. God wants to use each one of us to stop for someone, hug someone, and tell them God is alive. We are here to be used by the Lord. We put our trust in the Lord to touch hearts.

A principle key is worshipping the Lord in the midst of the storm and difficulty. We don’t trust our resources and abilities. We put our hope in God. It is our time to shine. God has plans for us. His method is to use a man, woman or child.

When we turn to Him, worship Him, and thank Him in the midst of everything, He will fill our hands and hearts, and we will shine for the sake of His Kingdom and Glory. He has plans we can’t even imagine.

Believe He is good in the midst of the floods. Worship Him and declare His goodness. Stop for the One who is the One and worship Him. He will show you His plan and where you will show His love. Listen to His voice, obey His will. Say to the Lord, “I desire to do your will.” God will use each one of us. We are praying, “God, do not withhold your mercy from us,” and declaring Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40:28-31.

Thank you for standing with us! www.IrisGlobal.org/give'

With our blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

Another church attacked

We are so sad.

Once again members of a church in our home city of Mombasa have been the targets of an attack after men carrying guns opened fire during their church service last Sunday morning. This time 6 people were killed and one 10 month old baby with a bullet lodged in his head is fighting for his life in a Nairobi Hospital.

Please pray with us for this baby's healing and for other members of the congregation who are hurt, or who have lost a loved one, to experience God's divine touch.


Antonio and Sandra

An update on Dera from Sandra

Last Saturday, at the last minute, Antonio asked me (Sandra) to go to Dera so I, and one of our Sunday School teachers, Deroth, travelled to Dera together. (Unfortunately I had to leave behind our sons David and Emmanuel, who both had fever, coughs and headaches)

We took bags filled with clothes to bless the people of Dera and when we reached there, found children and a few adults waiting for us. Some members of the church were not there because they were mourning the loss of their loved.

We worshiped the Lord together and were then introduced to the people whom Dida, the Pastor of Dera, had bought to the meeting. I then shared the Iris Ministries vision and values and the Iris statement of faith, a subject which those present found very interesting. I also encouraged the congregation and then Anne, another pastor, also spoke to the people encouraging them to pray and to keep coming to church.

Before we closed our service 3 youth gave their lives to the Lord, and we rejoiced with them.

We then sat down to share a meal of chicken and rice whilst we were fellow shipping. As we were about to start eating we heard screams from a boy walking near us who was coming back from school. He then fainted and was taken to hospital where he died shortly afterwards.

This is part of the serious spiritual issues in this village and I would encourage those of you with a heart for the work we are doing and the people we serve, to join us as we pray for them.

We would also appreciate your prayers for healing for David, Emmanuel and the young lady living with us, Winnie as they are all sick.

May the Lord bless you,


We are sad!

Yesterday afternoon, death once again claimed a member of the Dera community, and once again they are in mourning.

Once again we have had to cancel our meeting with the ladies there, and once again the Lord has confirmed that Dera is exactly the right place for our newest church to be planted.

Our hearts and prayers are with those in the community who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Matayo 5:4 (Matthew 5:4)
Neno: Bibilia Takatifu (SNT)

Wamebarikiwa wanaoomboleza; maana watafarijiwa.

Antonio and Sandra

Women's meeting, Dera

Last month we had to cancel our women's meeting in Dera due to the state of mourning the village was in for two members of its community who had passed away.

This coming weekend, 8th March, we are planning to go to Dera to hold the meeting we had to postpone. We trust that those of you who pray for us will stand in agreement that God will use this meeting to bless and change those present, and that all of us will be increasingly able to reflect Jesus to the community around us.

Thank you, and blessings from us here in Mombasa.

Family News

We are running a little behind with our news but this is what has been happening in our family in the last few weeks :

For the past 18 months we have been living in a small flat in a built up area near a concrete making factory in Mombasa and the noise and polluted air has been very difficult for us to deal with. A few weeks ago God opened the door for us to move to a new flat in a cleaner, quieter area, and after initially being told the flat had been taken by someone else, we prayed and eventually got the phone call to say we could have it instead. Our joy was great!

The day after moving in the taps, none of which had been fitted properly, started leaking and before long our new flat was flooded. It took a lot of pumping and mopping and drying of things in the sunny courtyard before all was back to normal, and the taps were fixed.

Tede, our oldest son who lives in Maputo, has started attending a college where he will be studying management. We are so proud of him, and so grateful to God for supplying a sponsor who is paying his tuition and boarding fees. Asanti!
Salito, our second oldest son, has recently started attending boarding school here in Mombasa. He has been attending the school as a day scholar for some time now and done very well. We are also so proud of him.

Emmanuel is doing well in school and young David is growing and doing all the normal things an 18 month old child does to keep his family entertained, and busy!

Winnie, the young lady we took into our family so that she could continue studying, is doing well at school and her determination to succeed despite the all the difficulties she has had to face in her young life, is a joy to see.

Atuna, who is in a boarding school for autistic children in Nairobi, is doing very well. He spent the Christmas holidays with his uncle who lives near Turkana and all went well.

God bless you,

Antonio and Sandra

First Women's meeting of 2014

We held our first Women's meeting for 2014 in Mtondia Church last Saturday.

It was originally scheduled to be in Dera, a 45 minute walk from Mtondia, but when two of the members of the small Dera community died, it was decided to move the meeting to the church building in Mtondia so as not to disturb the mourners.

Mama Rose and I went to Mtondia and, as usual, the meeting was filled with praise and thanksgiving.

I preached on the core values of Iris Ministries, some of which the ladies had never heard before. Having little access to the Internet or the outside world, they found the history and values of Iris fascinating, and we could see that they were inspired to carry this vision forward into their own community.

Mama Rose then preached on the story of Dorcas, from the book of Acts, Chapter 9. To illustrate the story, some of us  took freshly washed and ironed clothing our own children have outgrown, to bless the ladies with children. These were gratefully received and we trust that God will raise up many ladies, like Dorcas, in the community, so that her example of doing good and looking after the poor in the community will spread.

We thank all those of you who so faithfully pray for us. We are so grateful

With love and blessings,


Compelled by Love : The movie

Did you see Mama Heidi Baker's new film 'Compelled by Love' when it was screened on Bethel TV a few weeks ago?

We have heard 80,000 people watched it when it was available on line, and now you can buy a copy for yourself or as a gift for someone else, or both!

You can order your copies here :


Our Mama Heidi has news!

Some news about Mama Heidi Baker

Off Ian Ross' Facebook timeline

Ian Ross

Heidi Baker speaks about the "Next Wave", where one billion souls will be saved, a very sobering time for us all.


A call to stand in agreement in prayer with her and Lou Engle



If you have ever wondered what sort of music is being played when you watch people dancing at a gathering at Iris in Pemba, here are 3 examples :-)




Here is a little more from Christalyn Baker Human and her husband Brock about how and why they recorded this music, and a link is available on youtube if you would like to download more of their album from iTunes


A Prophetic Word for 2014

A very welcome prophetic word this morning from Beni Johnson (wife of Bill Johnson head pastor of Bethel Church, Redding), Heidi Baker (co founder of Iris Ministries), and Stacey Campbell, (a highly respected prophet and co founder of revival Now! Ministries))


Matthew 25 - A song

This is a Facebook post by Nick Boyd, an Iris Ministry missionary from Tete n Mozambique. The song is awesome!

'Ive been getting super wrecked lately listening to this song by Nic & Rachael Billman called "Come Find Me". Today I watched the youtube video where Nic shares how he came up with the song and got even more wrecked. The words he shares at the beginning of the video are exactly what I feel in my heart Jesus is saying to His Bride the Church. He's challenging us to leave the four corners of the Church and go find him in the "least of these". He's wrecking my heart more and more for the lost, the poor, the broken, the lonely, the outcast…

Lets go find our Creator!

Please watch this video and listen to the song!'

Listening, dreaming and planning

During this past week our co director, Sandra, Mama Rose (womens ministry coordinator) and Pastor Annie got together to pray, listen, dream and plan their outreaches and seminars for women for 2014.

Love looks like something

Love looks like something..a short video about the work of Iris Ministries


A prayer for Iris communities

This is a prayer just posted for the Iris Ministry communities across the world by Pastor Ken Ezell from the The River Church of Orange County in California :

I declare over Iris Ministries and their communities...
Isaiah 54:17
New King James Version

17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord.

Calling on the Holy Spirit to stir up a fire wall that no evil thing or intention can penetrate these Godly territories. We pray for salvation and face to face encounters for with Jesus our warrior King and Savior who will receive all glory and honor in Jesus name. Let the testimony of The Lord rise and take hold of the very ground you all stand and walk on.

I declare this day that healing, restoration and the lost to be found this day in Jesus name. Father God our advisory the Devil need to be suppressed and rebuked by your very voice. Lion of Judah arise and roar at the enemy until he shrinks back and runs!

Let intercession arise and the victories of The Lord sustain his beautiful people of Iris Ministries! Blessing in all, and on all you do.

In Jesus name,


Living on purpose in 2014

I have just posted my last Monday Minute for 2013, and its all about living in God's purpose for our lives in 2014.

I hope it blesses you



A busy December!

This has been a busy month for both us and the Iris churches here in Kenya.

At the beginning of the month Antonio spent two weeks in Mtondia overseeing the plastering of the inner walls of the church. It looks good and we look forward to adding the ceiling soon and seeing this well used building finally completed.

We held our year-end meeting with leaders from Mtondia and Dere churches, praying for God's strategies to keep growing the Iris churches in Mtondia and Dere through ministry, outreaches, showing the Jesus Film etc.

This meeting was followed by a Christmas celebration and a chicken and rice feast with the entire congregation, including almost 200 children! It was great fun getting together and we thank God for the wonderful fellowship we had and for the testimony one lady gave of being miraculously healed after we prayed for her,

Last week, in Mombasa, we held another leadership meeting with our pastors from Mtondia, Dere and Mombasa to seek God's Will for Iris Kenya Ministries in 2014. 'Write the vision','share the vision' and 'run with the vision' for 2014 were all Words we got from the Lord, so this is what we are now prayerfully working towards achieving.

Last Sunday(22/12) we held a Christmas celebration in our Mombasa Church and there was much singing and dancing to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour. The Holy Spirit was once more tangibly present for which we thank God.

On Christmas Eve, Antonio and Alphonce went to Mtondia for an extended time of praise and worship with the congregation and to show the Jesus Film. It was well received and we have been asked to go back again on New Year's Eve to show the Jesus Film again and to hold an extended prayer meeting through the night.

Even though, at times, we face many challenging circumstances, God always faithfully helps us to be over comers.We are blessed to be God's hands and feet as we serve these communities and look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing what the Lord will do through Iris Kenya Ministries in the coming year!

Antonio and Sandra Miambo

A time to pause and ponder

As 2013 draws to a close, I am sure many of us are reviewing the past year, and re calibrating our values as we go into the new year.

This recent post by Tanya and Jess Gellatly on their Facebook page is a timely reminder of one of Irs Global's core values which we seek to live by here at Iris Kenya.

'It is easy to get so busy with life or ministry that we forget to stop for people and give them our time and love.

One of our values in Iris Global is to Stop for the One. This means that every day we first stop for the ONE, Jesus Christ, and take time to just sit at His feet and listen to His heart. then throughout our day we stay yielded to His Spirit and stop for the one that he brings in our path.

We often miss so many divine opportunities because of rush and our personal agendas. Every day we pass by people that are needy and lost and no one has taken the time to show them love and that they are cared for'.

We, and the entire team here at Iris Kenya, wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014,

Antonio and Sandra Miambo

A Christmas news letter from Pemba

This is a newsletter from Pemba where the Iris Global head office is, where Heidi and Rolland Baker live, and where we trained as missionaries.

We trust God will bless you as you watch it,

Antonio and Sandra


Antonio's report on the church service in Mtondia


Today I arrived at the church in Mtondia to find one of the leaders doing a Bible study with the people who were waiting for the church service to begin.

We had a good time of praise and worship together, and then I preached on Matthew 9:20- 29 in which Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood, restored the sight of two blind men and raised the synagogue leaders daughter from the dead. We then discussed the fact that Jesus is able to heal our bodies, minds and spirits if we have the same level of faith as these people had.

After the service we had several meetings to counsel people and then spent some time discussing our upcoming year-end meeting.

It is with very thankful hearts that we praise God for the funds He has released through one of his faithful servants so that we can move on to the next phase of the work to construct our desperately needed children's home, and tomorrow I will be returning to Mtondia to oversee the work.

Bless you,


Sandra's report on the church service in Mombasa


The average temperature at this time of the year in Mombasa during day is 32 degrees C and, at night, the temperature is around 25 degrees C.

Our congregation in Mombasa gathered together today, and with many not being able to get adequate and restful sleep because of the high temperatures, many looked hot and weary.

After a time of praising the Lord, we settled down to listen and discuss the Word God had given us for the day, Psalm 125.

As the discussion continued, the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room. As He gave us fresh revelation of God's incredible and unconditional love for us, it felt like a stream of fresh water passing over us, refreshing and uplifting us until all we could do was praise Him! It was a time of great joy for which we are so grateful!

We have entered a new week praising the Lord, feeling renewed, blessed and determined not to let the weather beat us!

Here is Psalm 125 and, if you need to be refreshed and uplifted, I pray these words will have the same effect on you as they did on us!

Psalm 125 :1-4 NLT

Those who trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion;they will not be defeated but will endure forever.

Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever.

The wicked will not rule the land of the good, for then the godly might be tempted to do wrong. O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you.



Some updates

We hope you are having a good week :-)

Young David is almost back to his usual boisterous self, for which we are very grateful, so thank you for praying.

People from the Samaritans Purse were in Mombasa a few days ago and held a one day training seminar for pastors and another for Sunday School teachers..both of which we greatly appreciate!

Our new church in Dere is growing but still meeting out in the open. Our church in Voi is unable, for various reasons, to meet in the open so, like Dere, we are praying that God will supply a suitable building for them to meet in.

Both pastors Gabriel and Judah continue to faithfully serve the flock that God has given them.

Thank you for praying with us,

Antonio and Sandra

David is sick!

Our precious 17 month old son, David, has malaria again and is very unhappy. Please join us as we pray for speedy healing for him.

Thank you

A time of teaching and fellowship

In this past week both of us, as well as two of our Iris pastors, Gabriel and Annie, have attended Christian leadership training meetings here in Mombasa.

The 150 Christian leaders who attended were mainly from Mombasa and Nakuru here in Kenya. AFMIN, who hosted the meeting, taught on diverse subjects ranging from church planting to interpreting the Bible, effective preaching, spiritual leadership, loyalty within the church, and several others subjects.

Those that attended were mightily blessed by both the teaching (thank you AFMIN!) as well as the opportunity to meet and exchange news and views with each other

We thank God the meeting took place amidst great peace and joy and we once again thank those that pray for us, and our safety, so faithfully.

Antonio and Sandra

Update on our giving and contact details

Here is an update on how to contact us, and ways to give if you would like to support either the work of Iris Kenya Ministries or Pastors Antonio and Sandra Giambo

Contact : iris.in.kenya@gmail.com

Giving :

Iris Giving Center, USA :

Go to https://www.irismin.org/giving-center, click on the type of donation you wish to give (monthly or one off) and fill in 'Iris Kenya' in the space available for comments. If you feel led by the Lord to support us every month please let us know as this will help us to plan our projects and trips in advance.

All donations made via the Iris Giving Center are tax deductible in the USA and a receipt for your donation will be sent to you for this purpose.

Kenyan bank account details :

To support the work of Iris Kenya Ministries

Name : Partners in Harvest Iris Africa
Account Number : 0460260707651
Bank : Equity bank
POB Nairobi

To support Pastors Antonio and Sandra Miambo

Name : Antonio Miambo
Account Number : 0460296126923
Bank : Equity Bank
POB Nairobi,

Please contact us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com for any further information you may require.

Thank you, and blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

Our Mama Rose

Our Mama Rose plays a very important part in our ministry, running women's groups, counselling and doing door to door evangelism.

Unfortunately, since her husband died, she sometimes has to work 7 days a week in order to support herself and her 5 children, which means she can no longer participate in our ministry as much as we would like her to..

We miss her and ask you to pray with us that God would supply her with another job where she earns the same, but has enough time off to continue doing her very important work with us.

Thank you.

An update on our security situation

It has been a very difficult time for us with two of the local Christian pastors being murdered during the unrest that followed the killing of an islamic cleric here.

Thanks to the prayers of many of you, and the stirling efforts of a church in America whose core prayer team stepped in to intercede for us, we have managed to continue our work in relative peace and all our churches services on Sundays since the unrest have gone ahead as planned.

Please continue to pray for peace and safety and that God's Will will be done, and His Kingdom will come here where He has planted us.

Blessings and thank you once again.

Antonio and Sandra

The prayer of a pastor

This is a prayer written by a pastor in America when God woke Him up at 3 am this morning to pray for both us and the other Christians living in our area..

Asanti Ken, and all others standing in prayer with us at this time.

We love you


God I pull on your mercy in this very hour and ask that you remember your promise to guard and protect...

Isaiah 54:17
New King James Version (NKJV)
No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness isfrom Me,”
Says the Lord.
This is their heritage that you act to defend these ones God.

Lord I stand before the very holy and most just court of heaven and plea for mercy over Mombasa and it's surround regions and ask for a restraining order to be issued from heaven against every act or strategy of darkness.

Lord we are not fighting flesh and blood as your word says...

Ephesians 6:12
New International Version (NIV)
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

God we thank you that even those that come against us, you desire to save. We pray for their souls to find true repentance and salvation. We do not hate or return evil for evil but request that you bring true justice from heaven to overturn the actions of the darkness.

Lord rebuke the enemy, that one who comes to devour your sons and daughters and those whom they are reaching out to with your light. Strongholds come down in Jesus name.

Be swift to action and quick to protect Lord. We praise the mighty God of heaven who has great treasures of favor for all his children.

Release the mighty wind of heaven which shakes foundations right off their resting places. You oh God are who we look to for our days of salvation. You alone oh God have the power to displace kings and kingdoms. Come and take down this kingdom of darkness and imprison the demonic forces behind the death and destruction.

Let mercy come down like the rain and soak a land deprived of the sweetness of God.

I call for intense revival and for terrorist cells to be dismantled and made to be powerless.

Jesus, savior, deliverer, redeemer, giver if life, Prince of Peace, glorious ruler of heaven and Earth. Hear the cries of your people and dispatch warring angels to extinguish the flames of the enemy.

Remove the devils permissions and strategies in this hour. Release your Kingdom to save and restore order.

We love you God! We praise you Jesus! Come again Holy Spirit!


An update on our 'foster' children

Perhaps those of you who have followed our progress will remember that about two years ago, during a trip with an Iris Relief Team to the drought stricken north of the country, Antonio met a small boy called Atuna?

His mother was unable to look after him, and he spent most of his time on the street, eating what he could find, and sleeping out in the open.

Antonio's heart was touched by the boy's plight and after consulting with the towns elders and the boys uncle, Antonio was given permission to take Atuna back to Mombasa to live with his family.

Despite living in a family where he was treated as a son, Atuna did not settle and after being tested it was found that he has autism and the best way forward for him was to be put into a boarding school where the staff are trained to deal with autistic children.

After a suitable school was found for him in Nairobi, and thanks to the generous support he receives from his sponsor, he was able to start there last week. He is in a small class of only 5 pupils and we are sure that with God's help and the kind staff's care and teaching, Atuna will prosper.

He will be spending the Christmas holidays in Lodwar with his uncle and other members of his family.

We will bring you an update on Atuna's progress early next year

The only 'foster' child we still have in our home is 18 year old Winnie, who, after being orphaned and being left with no opportunity to continue her education and follow her dreams, became very unhappy. We took her into our home and she has settled well and was able to return to school. She now spends most of her spare time studying hard, and is doing very well at school.

She has another 18 months of schooling before she graduates. She has no sponsor as yet but we are praying that God will undertake for any further education she wants to follow in her quest to achieve her dreams or entering the medical profession.

May God bless you richly,

Antonio and Sandra

Our 5th church is planted!

Dera Outreach

I went to Dera in the Bahari Constituency of Kilifi County last weekend (13th and 14th September) and together with our pastors, Judas, Alphonce, Annie and Gabriel (from our church in Voi) plus a number of youth from Mtondia Church, we planted our 5th Iris church.

We started the day off by going door to door in the town to invite people to come to our meeting later that day, and many people responded positively and came to the service. We sang and praised God together, I preached, Pastors Judah and Gabriel and I prayed for those who came forward for prayer, and 7 people gave their lives to the Lord.

Unfortunately, I could not show them the Jesus Film because the speakers we use are no longer working. We are praying for a new set of speakers and, when we have them, I will return to Dera to show the new congregation the Jesus Film.

In the meantime Pastor Judah will pastor our new church and we pray that God would add to the numbers in our new congregation in the coming weeks.

Sending blessings


Good news for northern Kenya

Those that regularly read this blog will remember the drought stricken countryside around Turkana that the Iris Relief team visited just over two years ago.

They prayed for rain..and it poured down!

Now here is another piece of good news for the water situation in this area, and we can only thank God for it!


The photo shows the team praying for rain..

Leadership meeting at Pemba, Mozambique

I had good time at the global leadership meeting which was held two weeks ago in Pemba. God took control over everything that happened during the meetings, and here is a report about my time there.

Firstly, I would like to thank Papa Rolland and Mama Heidi for allowing God to use them to create this great movement called Iris Ministries which stretches out across the world bringing His love and the Word to so many nations.

During our meetings, Papa Rolland and Mama Heidi shared about our core values and Iris ‘’DNA’’. It was good to hear them speaking about this subject and to once more be reminded that love and unity are the core values of Iris Ministries.

We each had a private time with Mama Heidi to share what had happened during the year, and what was on our hearts, and we also had the opportunity to share our successes and problems with our fellow leaders who were gathered together at the meeting. We were able to testify about our ministries at the Iris Mission School as well.

It was amazing to be with all these people, and even though we all spoke different languages, we were united by one objective and one goal and we could feel God's awesome presence surrounding us.

Together we prayed, we danced, we laughed, shared, ate and we exchanged experiences. The most important thing God did in this meeting was to create a way that will enable leaders from the Iris bases, in different African countries, to visit each other in order to share our experiences and to encourage each other..

We have asked God to send us people that will work with us in unity in Jesus Christ, as we continue doing the work He has called us to do here in Kenya.

Below is a photo of Mama Heidi, myself and a pastor from Maputo praying.

One in Christ Jesus


A word from Mama Heidi

A word from Heidi Baker, one of the co founders and directors of Iris Ministries

The Lord is calling out for servant lovers who will call in the outcasts, who will go into the dark corners of the world and compel the poor to come out. And they will come. They'll come by the millions. Who will go and leave their life of comfort and call in the broken? Who will go and be a learner? Who will go and lay their life down for Jesus among the poor? The Lord Jesus wants his house to be full. It's time for us to go out to the poor, to the broken, to the homeless, to the dying, the lonely, and call them to come in. Thousands and thousands of missionaries and ministers need to go out to the darkest places, to the poorest places, to the forgotten places, because the wedding feast is about to begin and so many of the poor haven't been called. Rush out and call them. They will come.

If you feel called to work with us, either short or long term, please email us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com, We would love to hear from you.

From Mwingi, to Voi, to Pemba

Our new church in Mwingi, near Kitui, is progressing well and two weekends ago I went up to Voi to spend time with Gabriel, our new pastor, who lives there. Instead of having our planned outreach, we went to see what land was available to buy in the area which would be suitable to build a new Iris church on to cater for the large local community.

We eventually found a piece, which will cost us $1720, on which we can build a church, but whilst we wait on God to supply the funds we need, the owner has kindly given us permission to meet on the empty land to praise and worship God, and listen to the Word, every Sunday.

Pastors Gabriel and Alphonce went to Mtondia to minister at our church there last Sunday.

At the moment I am in Pemba, Mozambique, for the Iris Global Meeting which all the Iris Ministry leaders from all over the world will be attending this weekend.

I am really looking forward to hearing what Papa Rolland and Mama Heidi have to say to us, and am enjoying the fellowship and sharing news with my brothers and sisters in Christ here.

Asante, and bless you,


A new Iris Church in Mwingi!

We prepared to go on this outreach even though we did not have the money to do it. At the last minute, our faithful God provided exactly what we needed through His people. We pray that God blesses those who donated the money we needed, and that He will continue to provide for them abundantly.
On Friday, 29th of June we left Mombasa by bus, taking with us all the equipment necessary to show the Jesus Film. We travelled over night and arrived in Mwingi, a small town near Kitui,on Saturday morning. (Mwingi has a population of a little more than 10,000 and is a two hour drive north of Nairobi, and an 8 hour drive north west of Mombasa.

When we arrived at the church building on Sunday morning, many people were already gathered outside the church waiting patiently for us to let them in and start the service. (I have attached photographs of them). The people in Mwingi are hungry for the Word of God and as I preached they eagerly listened to the Word I gave them.

We praise God for this new church, and for the Kenyan pastor who has decided to join our team and run it for us. We also praise God that we have been able to find other people that are committed to doing the work of God in the new church, but they need prayers, encouragement, and teachings in order to continue. They are currently registering all the people who want to become members of the church, and are planning to disciple all those who make the decision to accept Jesus as their Saviour.

On Monday we had a problem with our instruments but because God was on our side, it was possible to rent others to use during praise and worship. In the afternoon I preached and showed the Jesus film. Unfortunately it was not possible to show the film in the Kikamba language because we could not locate it on our DVD. However, people stayed and watched the film until the end, some making the decision to give their lives to Jesus, for which we thank God.

This coming Friday, 12th July, myself and one of our three new pastors will be going into the Voi area to hold an outreach and hopefully to show the Jesus Film. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for hearts willing to hear the Gospel, a great harvest and provision to continue to do the work of God in this area.

May the Lord bless you,


Our Woman's Conference Report

On June 8th, the day of our Woman's Conference, we woke up with our hearts filled with great joy and expectation at what the Lord would do in our lives that day. The only concern we had was for the women who were due to join us from a nearby village. It had been raining heavily all night and we did not know if they would make it along the heavily water logged roads.

However, one by one, they made it through the mud and rain to our home, and when everyone had arrived we quickly got into the two matatus (taxis) we had ordered and then loaded up our generator, sound equipment and musical instruments as well. We also had dozens of beautifully wrapped gifts with us which had been donated to our children in Mtondia by the Samaritans Purse

When we arrived in Mtondia, a little later than planned, we were grateful to see that the rain had eased up and, as we quickly unpacked the matatus, Antonio set up the sound system in the church. When he had finished, we all filed in and the praise and worship began.

We had a wonderful time worshiping God and and His Presence soon filled the Church. We are so thankful to God that He came to us, we who are so little in His eyes, and that He covered and loved us with His sweet Presence. As we felt the Father's love being poured out over us, a great feeling of love and unity grew between us.

I then shared what the Lord had put on my heart, verse 5 from John 15, which says, 'I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing'.

After I had finished delivering this message, a friend called Perris, who is also a pastor, shared with the ladies, this time on having Faith in God.

Annie, one of the faithful ladies on our team, who also preaches in our church, prepared a delicious lunch of chicken and rice for us. We then handed out the gifts to the excited children, and we thank Jesus and the Samaritans Purse for this. It was a special day the Lord had made.

In the afternoon we went back into the church again to receive what the Lord had for us. Our women's leader, Mama Rose, preached a powerful message of encouragement to the married women present . We were all so grateful for the revelation God had given her and realised that the Holy Spirit still has so much more to teach us!

The day ended with us praying together, thanking God for what He had done in our lives that day, whilst still crying out for Him to give us more.

Thank you once again for your love and prayers,


A new Iris Ministries video..

Here is the latest video update from our Iris Ministries home base in Pemba, Mozambique.


More news from our Iris Ministry base here in Mombasa, Kenya to follow shortly!

Antonio and Sandra

Women's Seminar


Tomorrow, 8th June, the Iris Kenya's Women's Seminar will be held for women from all three of our churches in Mtondia, Kilifi.

Pastor Sandra Miambo will be doing the teaching and the theme will be based on John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing".

Please pray that God will use Sandra to deliver a message straight from His Heart to the precious women attending, and that the seminar will be a time of great blessing and encouragement to them all.

Young David has not yet fully recovered from his bout of malaria so your continued prayers for his healing will also be much appreciated.

Thank you, and blessings from us both,

Antonio and Sandra

Thank you for your prayers!

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Young David is feeling a lot less fretful, and is fast returning to being his happy, almost one year old, self.

His brother Emmanuel, who does not have malaria, is also feeling a lot better, although the cause of the headaches he has been experiencing has not yet been determined.

With our love and blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

(And for all those who said 'Ahhhh, how cute!' when they saw his photo yesterday, here is another picture of David before he got malaria)

Please pray!

Antonio and Sandra's son David, who is almost one year old, has malaria and is feeling VERY miserable.

Antonio has just taken his older brother, Emmanuel, to hospital as he has developed a severe headache which may mean that he also has malaria.

Please pray for healing for them both, and that God's peace would rest upon them and their family.

Thank you

A pastor prays

This picture was taken last Sunday as Pastor Salito (Antonio) prayed after preaching a message of love, from the heart of Jesus, to the congregation at the Iris Kenya church in Mtondia, Kilifi.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30(NIV)

Youth and Children's Conference

Once more, we thank all our friends who have been praying for us. Last weekend we held our Youth and Children's conference in Mtondia, and we all had a wonderful time.

Friday, 19th of April.

Despite very heavy rain that we thought would keep them away, a group of youth and children from our church in Mombasa arrived at our house early in the morning to wait for the taxi to take us all to the conference in Mtondia. They were very excited and we all looked forward to seeing what the Lord was going to do.

We thank God we reached Mtondia safely. It had been raining in Mtondia as well but by the time we arrived, the clouds had cleared and it was a beautiful day. As the children and youth from the Mombasa church met the children and youth from the Kilifi church, there was great excitement as they chattered together, played and shared their stories.

We set about preparing for the conference, and while we were waiting for Antonio to set up the generator and connect the speakers, the youth got together to practice their songs. After our sound equipment was checked and found to be working perfectly, we had a wonderful time of worship after which Sandra shared the Word with the youth from both the Mombasa and Mtondia Iris churches.

The main topic for the conference was 'Deny yourself and follow the Lord Jesus'. Mama Anne translated for Sandra, and the youth listened with great interest to what was being said.

After she had finished sharing we had a break for lunch then went back into the church so that the youth could ask any questions they had about what Sandra had taught on that morning.

When this session had finished we stopped for a break and later, when it was dark, Pastor Antonio, using a generator to power the equipment needed, started showing the Jesus Film. The impact seeing this film had on those watching was amazing and many, many people, both Christians and Islamic, crowded into the church to watch. All the chairs were taken, many people sat on the floor and there was hardly space left to stand!

The way the children reacted to the film was quite overwhelming! Whenever they saw the Lord Jesus healing or raising someone who had been dead, they clapped their hands loudly, and the rest of the people in the Church followed their example.

Pastor Antonio then preached and, as usual, the children were the first to lift their hands to receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What a lesson we can learn from the children, they are always humble and prepared to open their hearts to the Holy Spirit.

After prayers had been said, and the meeting had closed, all the adults went back to their homes but the children remained and slept in the church.


We woke up to find it was raining very heavily outside. The mamas prepared breakfast and we all ate.

We then held our first session for the youth. A pastor, invited to speak by one of our other pastors, then spoke about denying oneself. Once again the youth listened very carefully to what was being said.

We then had a break for lunch followed by two further sessions. One for the youth, given by the same pastor who had spoken in the morning, and the other for children, given by Sandra. Both sessions were especially blessed, and the Lord touched many of those attending.

Again, we thank God, and those of you who pray for and support us, for allowing us to reach the children and youth with the truth about our loving God and His precious Son, Jesus.

We have attached photos of the children crowded into the church, and Antonio and Sandra preaching and teaching.


Sandra & Antonio

Our Youth and Children's Conference

The children and youth from two of our churches are coming together to attend the first of our three day long Youth and Children's Conferences scheduled for this year. The Conference starts this Friday and the excitement of us all being together again, and the anticipation of what God is going to do amongst us, is an absolute joy to see!

There will be times of praise and worship, teaching, praying and mentoring. There will also be times to eat together, play games, fellowship and have fun!

Will you please pray for us, especially that the Holy Spirit will persuade the unsaved youth and children in our neighborhood to join us?

Thank you!

Joy on Easter Sunday.

Dear friends,

We trust you had a blessed Easter, and would like to share the joy we felt on Easter Sunday with you.

This is our congregation in Mtondia....


Antonio and Sandra

March 2013 Update

Dear Friends,

Since our return from Mozambique last October we have had to move to a new home. We thank God that we are now settled and our sons, Emmanuel and Salito, are back at school, Atuna is in a Boarding School and we have a new girl,Winnie,a member of one of our churches, staying with us. She is a complete orphan and we help her to go to school.

We thank God for His work inside us, we have members of our Mombasa Church who join us every Sunday at our house on the outskirts of Mombasa. We share testimonies, and praise and worship our Living Lord and Savior, Jesus. We do not have land to build a church in which we can hold our meetings, but we rejoice to see our friends coming, some from far away places, to join us. We always experience the Lord's presence in the room during our meetings.This touches our hearts and as I share this, tears come to my eyes because of the Joy we experience on Sundays.

Our Women's Group have started holding regular meetings again and we praise the Lord for this. Together we have prayerfully established a plan of action to disciple the women God sends to join us, and to hold outreaches to evangelise the many thousands of people in our area who do not yet know Jesus as their Savior. The ladies are filled with joy and anticipation as they wait to see what God will do in us, and through us, this coming year.

We would dearly love to buy a piece of land we have been offered in our area (at a very reasonable price!), so that we can build a church to accommodate our growing congregation. Owning this kind of facility would also allow us to start the activities and ministries we feel God is calling us to. It will also be an invaluable base for us to do outreaches from, especially when they involve the unsaved in our neighborhood.

Will you please pray in agreement with us that we will soon be able to buy this land and build our new church in Mombasa?

Thank you

Antonio and Sandra

Sandra's blog, The Monday Minute, is on www.sandramondayminute.blogspot.nl

Woman's Groups activities - 2013

Dear Friends,

We have ladies groups in the three Iris Kenya Churches and they will be holding various conferences this year as well as weekly prayer meetings.

Please pray that during these times of fellowship and learning, God will draw His precious daughters into a closer relationship with Him, and that their love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control will be obvious to all.

Please pray that God uses us to reach out to those that do not yet know Him or His precious Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Bless you,


Sandra's Monday Minute

Please note :

Sandra's thought provoking Monday Minute has now moved to its own blog on www.sandramondayminute.blogspot.nl

Thank you!

Iris is not simply a church..

'Iris is not simply a church, or a children's center, or a
relief effort, or a Bible school, or a mission training base, but all
these and more as one example of an entire Kingdom environment.

We exist to demonstrate an all-encompassing love that flows from God's heart, a love that the unsaved have never seen before. We are here to seek and save the lost, and in the process, give them a foretaste of heaven and our unshakeable inheritance that is to come.'

This is a quote from the latest Iris Ministries newsletter written by Heidi and Rolland Baker, and it really does express the heart of what we seek to do here at Iris Kenya.

To read the complete newsletter please go to


A long way to go!

Here is a picture of our church which is being turned into a children's home and preschool centre.

Plans for a children's home

Verses God often brings to mind are those in Matthew 25:31-40 especially verse 40 where God says that whatever we do for 'the least' of these, in other words the poor, downtrodden, helpless, sick, imprisoned, naked or hungry, we do for Jesus himself.

What better way to achieve this than by scouring the streets looking for the homeless, hopeless, unloved and often abused child scratching in a rubbish bin for food, or the elderly widow who has no means to feed either herself or the children of her own dead children for whom she is the sole provider? Once these treasures, so special to God's Father Heart, are found, we need to feed, clothe, nurse and provide any other help we are able to give them.

We are hoping to turn our current church building into a home to accommodate the most needy of these children as well as a day care centre which will care for children under 6 years of age.

We then plan to build a bigger church to accommodate our growing congregation.

Please pray that nothing will hinder our plans to finish this project soon as the need is great.

Thank you.

Our first children's village!

We have watched the physical condition of the children we feed in Mtondia, Kilifi, many of whom regularly attend our church, slowly deteriorate over the course of this year and it has been heart breaking to see.

We have taken their plight to the Lord in prayer and He has given us the vision to build the first Iris Kenya children's village so that we can give the most needy of these vulnerable children a safe, family style home where they will be properly cared for.

We have already had plans drawn up for the first house and submitted them for quotes. We hope to have these by mid January, 2013 and are trusting God to supply everything we will need to make the vision He has given us into a reality.

We are also trusting that once the first house is built, many more will follow so that we can offer a home to as many of the children, who are currently living on the streets, as possible

If you would like any further information on this project, or to join us in our efforts to make this vision a reality, please contact us on iris.in.kenya@gmail.com

Thank you.

Making a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Well...not exactly a noise, but the sweet sounds of children praising the Lord at our church in Kilifi.



A video worth watching!

In case you missed it, here is a video taken recently of Antonio (Pastor Salito) travelling from Mombasa to the Partners in Harvest Church in Mtondia to hold Saturday services for the children in the area.


Please note the determination to get to church of the little child in the yellow T shirt!!

Attached is a photo of the choir in the church.

The map!!

In case you were wondering what the map on this page is for, if you press on 'A 109' on the map it will expand and you will be able to clearly see where Mombasa, Voi and Kilifi are in Kenya.

The roads we travel on to Wajir, Lodwar and Turkana when working with the Iris Relief Team are also visible.

Why we do what we do..

This is an excerpt from the September, 2012 news letter from Heidi and Rolland Baker, the founders and directors of Iris Ministries, which says it all...

'We are here to improve the physical lives of the poor in every way possible, and thereby demonstrate what love looks like. But ultimately we are here to save souls. We are here to rescue the perishing and bring them eternal life. We bring a Kingdom not made with hands, not one that we can see, but a never-ending Kingdom that is within us, a Kingdom of love, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. We live for another life, in another place, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. We are here to bring Jesus our Perfect Savior to Africa, and to set its sights on Him and eternity!

To read more please go to the Iris Ministries website on http://www.irismin.org/news/newsletters

September 2012 - Still on the move!

Dear friends and family,

Today, 19th September, 2012 we left Maputo in Mozambique after a truly blessed time with family and friends. It is the first time we have seen them since we left Mozambique 5 years ago to start Iris Kenya Ministries..

During the first week we were home we could hardly sleep from all the excitement of seeing our loved ones and catching up on their news. They came from far and wide to greet us and the house where we were staying was always filled with prayers, praise to God for what He is doing in all our lives, as well as fun, laughter, hugs and lots of good food!

For the first time in 5 years Antonio was able to celebrate his father's birthday with him and it was a joyful occasion filled with thanksgiving for a long life lived well and mightily blessed by God!

We have also had to work on getting the visas which would enable us to return to work in Kenya for another 5 years and this process was, unfortunately, very time consuming and difficult. The main problem was getting the money out of our bank account in Kenya to pay for them. We had not anticipated this problem but after days of prayer by us and our loved ones, God made a way, gave us favour with man, and now we have our visas.

We were invited to be the guests of a church in Detroit, Michigan in the USA so we also had to apply for the visas which would allow us to travel to the USA.

Today we are leaving Mozambique to travel to Detroit with our four sons and will return to continue our work in Kenya at the end of this month. We are looking forward to seeing what God has done there in our absence, as well as greeting those who have become dear to us since we started working there.

So, a time of great joy, new friends, old friends, difficulties, excitement and now seeing new things and meeting new people.

Truly, our cup overflows and we are so grateful to our Mighty and Merciful God for the doors He opens for us to serve Him. We are also grateful for the people He has brought across our paths to be our friends, encouragers and helpers. We trust we will be a blessing to the people we meet in Detroit.

July, 2012 We are leaving home - for awhile!

Thank you to everyone who has wished us well with David. He still has minor health issues so your continued prayers for him will be appreciated.

The time has come for us to leave Kenya and return to Mozambique, not for good, but just long enough for us to renew our visas to stay in Kenya, and to visit a church that has invited us to spend some time with them.

Please pray that nothing will hinder us during our travels and that we will return to Mombasa safely, and in good health, to continue doing the work God has given us here.

With our love and blessings,

Antonio and Sandra

June, 2012. Good news!!

Dear friends and family

Greetings from us here in Mombasa.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We have had a very difficult time over the past three weeks but we thank God for always being with us no matter how difficult things get.

Our baby boy, David, had to be delivered early because Sandra not only high blood sugar, but high blood pressure as well. If the doctor had not had the wisdom to do this I do not think David would be alive today.

After his birth David turned blue from lack of oxygen and the medical staff had to battle to save his life.

Sandra stayed with David in hospital after his birth so that he could recover from the effects of Sandra having such high blood sugar during her pregnancy. During this time David contracted something they thought may be Yellow Fever. His condition deteriorated very quickly and when the doctors said he needed a transplant to save his life we were close to giving up hope and thought we may loose him.

Praise God that this did not happen! The Lord had heard the prayers of so many of us and David's health made a sudden turn for the better and he made a miraculous recovery! God would not allow the enemy to laugh at us as we trusted in Him to save David's life.

We would like to thank all those of you who prayed for Sandra and our baby's life. Both have returned home and we will be eternally grateful both to you for your prayers, and to our Great God, for whom nothing is impossible. He is so faithful!

We have attached a photo of David when he was just a few days old.

With love and blessings from us,

Antonio and Sandra.

News : August-September, 2011

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We hope this letter finds you well and prospering in all areas of your life.
A few weeks ago we sent you a request to pray for our trip to help refugees in camps on the north eastern Kenyan border. Here is a report to tell you where we went and what we did. We have also included some photographs I (Antonio) took along the way.

7 August, 2011

 I went to Nairobi to meet the team from Iris Ministries in Pemba Mozambique. We spent the next two days preparing for our trip to the refugee camp in Dadaab, a town which is situated about 80km from the Kenyan border with Somalia.

9 August, 2011

At 11 am we set out to travel the 470 kms to Didaab. We stopped off at a town called Thika, about 50kms from Nairobi, to get food and other supplies, and then travelled on to the town of Garissa.
During the journey, we were able to observe the results of the drought and it was shocking. The land was dry and dusty, the plants were dead and when we did see cattle they were either dead or dying. There was no sign of any grass for them to eat or water for them to drink.(Photo 1)

10 August, 2011

In the morning, at breakfast time, we met to discuss the activities of the day. The Lord gave us wisdom to pray and prepare for the journey to Dabaab the next day. It was necessary to collect information on how to reach Dabaab and fortunately someone from Nairobi had given us a cell phone number of a Pastor in Garissa who would be able to help us. We phoned him and made an appointment to see him.

The Pastor told us about his Church which is in a Muslim area (“Its just so difficult to Minister the Word of God in this area, so we have an underground church”..he said). His son gave us information about Dabaab saying “It’s difficult to get access to Dabaab, not because it is dangerous, but because of the security issue”.

We went back to the Hotel and spent some time in prayer. After prayer we agreed that it was necessary to meet the person in charge of the Catholic Church's Relief Program. He is a simple and humble man and we thanked God for him. He gave us all the information we needed. We took this to the Lord and continued praying. Finally the decision came; Go to Wajir, a town north of Dadaab.

11 August, 2011

It was a long journey to Wajir, but by the grace of our Lord Jesus we arrived there safely and without any problems. Glory be to God! On the way to Wajir,we saw desperate, hungry, and hopeless people under a scorching sun who watched helplessly as their animals died of hunger and thirst.

We stopped in the desert and cried out to God asking Him to come and heal the land.(Photo 2) God heard our prayers and 2 days later the rain began to fall. There were even floods to the north west of Wajir and swollen rivers that caused some problems near Turkana.
We thank God for providing the Catholic Church to host us.

12th August

We went to one location in Wajir only to find that the people there were unwilling to meet us. We went back to talk to the man from the Catholic Relief Program and he directed us to the right people who were in need of our help. Lafaley is the name of the area we visited, and it is 20km from Wajir.

When we arrived in Lafaley we contacted the Chief who greeted us joyfully. We then met the people. (Photos 3,4 and 5)

We thank God for giving us all the possibility to reach these people. We distributed food to all the people who came to us.

Unfortunately it was not possible for adults to eat because they were fasting as it was their holy month of Ramadan (Islamic Fasting). Children ate the food that was prepared for them. We had a lot of fun with them as you can see from the photos (Photos 6,7,8 and 9)
We give Glory to God through Our Lord Jesus. Amen, Amen, Amen.
Our future activities in this area.

We are planning a trip to the Turkana region, possibly in October, in order to give, on behalf of us all, love, food and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in this area.

We would like to ask you to pray for us as we seek God's will for this trip, and for Him to open doors for us to reach the people He wants us to reach.

If you would like to contribute to these efforts you can make a donation via https://www.irismin.org/giving-center and click on Horn of Africa Famine Relief

News from our base in Mombasa

Revival meetings and a baptism ceremony

We are preparing for 3 days of revival meetings this coming weekend and plan to have a baptism ceremony during this time. We will also be holding training days for local pastors and doing outreaches to the people on the streets of Mombasa as well as those who live or work on local rubbish dump sites. We will be preaching, handing out food, playing games and generally having fun with them!

Please keep these special days of outreach in your prayers.

News : February - April 2012

Dear Friends and Partners,

We are a little late with our news update but trust that you are well and prospering in all that the Lord has called you to do.

We are all well here in Mombasa, Kenya and the Lord continues to bless us.

Our Church

The building of the church in Kilifi is almost finished, although we have not yet laid the floor, plastered the walls, fitted doors or windows. We still have to install electricity and running water.

The church members are very happy that they have a place to sit out of the rain and the heat from the sun. However, we are still conducting Sunday School services and cooking the food for the children outside the church in the shade of a nearby tree as the new church only has one room so can not accommodate these activities.

We extend our heart felt thanks to those who generously contributed to make the construction of the church building possible. We are so grateful!

Two Conferences

We had a conference for the youth and women at our churches both in Mombasa as well as Mtondia.

As you can see in the pictures, it was a good day for the children as they had a teacher from Mombasa who blessed them with the Word of God and then played games. Everyone had a lot of fun. The youth had two teachers, one from Mombasa and another from Naivasha. They taught them on subjects specifically targeted at young people, and although they greatly benefited from their input, we can see that we need more new materials aimed at this age group.

Mama Sandra taught the women about their Christian Identity.

The following day was a Sunday and the church was full of people and children from the region. Pastor Antonio taught about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and after the sermon we celebrated by giving Holy Communion to the congregation. We all had a very blessed time.

A Church Plant in Voi

We recently visited a place which is 200km west of Mombasa towards Nairobi. The place is called Voi and we went to do a survey with the purpose of preaching the gospel and planting a new Iris Kenya church there. We thank God for connecting us with a young couple who live in Voi and who are willing to serve in the new church once it is planted.

Through the survey we discovered that people in that area are bound by ancestral curses, witchcraft, poverty and illiteracy and many marriages do not survive for longer than a few years. These people really need the Gospel of Jesus Christ and personal ministry, so please join us as we pray for the church to be planted soon and an adequate program can be initiated to deal with the things that are holding people back from becoming all that God wants them to be.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

Our Children

A Village for Children in need

The time is fast approaching when we need to be in a position to offer a safe and secure home to children, both in our churches and in our community, who have been orphaned or whose parents are unable to look after them. We currently have 24 children that we are taking care of as best we can with limited funds and without being able to offer them a permanent home.

God has given us land to build a children's village in the Kilifi area and I have asked for quotations from contractors to find out how much it would cost to build it. We are very excited about this development and we are trusting God for the finances to construct this much needed village. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Hopefully, once we have built the home, we can offer many of you the opportunity to come and spend time with us and the children. That would certainly be a blessing to us all!!!

Feeding the Poor

Besides the 24 children we are currently looking after, twice a week we feed 100 children in the Kilifi area who are either orphans, or whose parents cannot afford to feed, clothe or educate them

Our Needs

As you can see, we desperately need prayer as well as assistance in the form of financial and human resources so that we are able to accomplish all that God has laid on our hearts.

We would also like to look after more children and supply more meals to the 100 children in Kilifi, so hope to be able to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a child, or a meal, very soon.
Please feel free to ask any questions or send offers of assistance to us at iris.in.kenya@gmail.com

Our Future Plans

...To build a children's village next to our church in Kilifi so that we can offer a home to the 24 children we are currently caring for. (We will, of course, make plans to extend it as soon as we can as the need for a safe place where children can be cared for and protected as they grow up increases daily, even amongst the people in our own churches)

...Next month, we are going to open a Church in a place called Voi. Land for a church and people and money to build it will be required as the church membership grows so please pray that God will supply all these resources.

...Due to the kind donations of our friends and supporters, we have a generator and all the equipment we need to show the Jesus Film in areas in Kenya where there is no electricity. We hope so hope to do a monthly outreach to reach the unreached with the Good News of the Gospel in these areas on a monthly basis. This will also allow us to see where churches need to be planted in the future as well as blessing churches that already exist in these areas.

Home News

Sandra is expecting a baby and we are trusting God that it will be born healthy, and on time in June.

Sandra has had high blood sugar levels and is also being treated for malaria. Please pray for her as she continues to play her vital role in the church community plus looking after our family at home.

A few children, who attend a boarding school, but have no one to look after them during school holidays, have just spent a few noisy weeks in our house. They returned to school at the beginning of this week so the family once again returned to its normal, peaceful state...well, as peaceful as it can be with three sons under the age of 13!

Teddy, our oldest son, is currently at the Iris base in Pemba, Mozambique, and is training to run a small business. He is still only a teenager so prayers for him to make wise choices regarding both his present as well as his future would be much appreciated.

Antonio, is, as usual extremely busy and we look forward with great anticipation to the day when God sends workers to help us carry the work load we currently have.

With our love and blessings

Antonio and Sandra Miambo
Director Iris Kenya



Antonio when he started to build the church in Kilifi some time ago

Antonio preaches in the church which is now is almost finished

(except for the doors, windows, floor, electricity and running water)

Mama Sandra teaches the women about their Christian indentity

Our children in Kilifi queuing for lunch

The mama's dishing out the food

The mama's making sure everyone has enough to eat

Food and fellowship go well together!

Our youth leader making sure everyone is happy

Full tummies and happy faces!

The mama's relax in the afternoon sunshine after a job well done

The congregation praising the Lord at Passover

The congregation sharing their Passover meal with each other in the shade of a nearby tree.